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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about After Sales Service

a) What kind of warranty is provided after a sushi machine is sold and delivered?
All sushi machines are covered by a one year warranty from the time we deliver the sushi machine to the customer. This warranty covers all parts and labour cost to rectify a design or manufacturing defects, excluding normal “wear and tear” components. This means that if the sushi machine does not perform to the specification as stated in the technical documents, then, it will come under a warranty claim. Anera Enterprise GmbH has to be informed of a warranty claim when the problem is first observed.

b) How would a customer make a warranty claim?
The customer should inform us immediately by phone call, or via this Warranty or Service Request Form, upon noticing any activity or performance of a sushi machine that is not conforming to the specification as stated in the Operation Manual. However, if the error is cause by an Operator’s failure to follow the instruction as stated in the Operation Manual, then, it would not be considered a warranty claim. Before contacting us for warranty and service, however, some simple steps can be performed to solve the problems. Please check that if there is an Error Code, then, refer to the Operation Manual where the solution is provided. In case the problem cannot be found in the Operation Manual, then,  Firstly identify the model and serial numbers of the sushi machine, this can be found on the name plate. Secondly provide your contact person, company name, phone, email address. Thirdly please explain the symptom, or if an Error Code ‘EE’ appears... etc. We will review and advise further immediately. From our experience, most problems are Operator related and could have been solved by referring to the Operation Manual.

c) What would be provided if it is a warranty claim?
We will pay for local technical support where ever possible to rectify the problem. If spare parts are required, we will send them from our Repair and Service Centers in Germany. We will send the spare parts from Japan by courier if not available locally.

d) What happens if the problem was caused by operator’s mistake or is not a warranty claim.
Upon checking the sushi machine, if the problem is identified as being caused by Operator’s mistake or not covered by the warranty, then, the full cost of repair including packing and freight will be for the customer’s account. Please note that the Operation Manual is very comprehensive and if a customer follows the instructions in the manual fully, there would not be any need for repair during the warranty period. If the customer attempts to repair the sushi machine on their own, it will void the warranty and may be dangerous to do so.

e) Would an extended warranty be provided?
Yes, we offer an additional warranty extension for another year at €1000 or 10% value of sushi machine whichever lower (VAT excluded). This extension must be taken within one month of delivery of the sushi machine. Terms and claims for the extended period are similar to the first-year warranty period and the extension comes immediate upon the expiry of the original warranty. No further extension for any sushi machine is provided beyond the second year.

f) How difficult is it to repair a sushi machine after it has been used for sometime?
The design of the sushi machine is based on the modular concept. Most components are ‘plug and play’. Most electrical connections are identified which means that if an electrical component is faulty, it is a matter of removing that component and replacing with a new component. Since the connections are identified, it is just a matter of reconnecting and the sushi machine should be operational again.

g) As most sushi machine will be used for years, how do we deal with wear and tear?
It is recommended that a sushi machine should be reviewed after every 3 years of use depending of the volume of sushi being produced. As with all machines, there will be wear and tear, the idea of this service is to identify component that possibly may be worn more than normal. After the service, if components are replaced as recommended, 6-month warranty is provided for all components replaced. This means that if that replacement component fails within the 6 months, we will send a new replacement without charge.