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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Buying Sushi Machines

a) What must I do if I wish to buy any sushi machine?
First, validate the prices if our offer expired, indicate the sushi machine model, specification and options. Second, make sure that you have provided us all your details (company name, contact details and full delivery details and your registered VAT number). Third, we will prepare a Pro-forma Invoice or Tax Invoice for you to make full payment for the sales contract amount by T.T.R before any shipment. As for other alternative forms of payment, please contact us for further information before making any payment.

b) Why do I have to pay a full payment after deciding to buy a sushi machine?
As all of our sushi machines are made to order in Japan and considering the unique usage and various customizations required by different customers, a full payment is required when you place an order with us. Any other costs for packing, shipping and insurance should also be paid fully in advance before we arrange shipment and delivery of our sushi machines to you.

c) I have decided to buy the sushi machine but my sushi shop is not yet ready, what can I do?
We need to know the details of your sushi shop opening and offer you a solution on how to buy the sushi machine at current price but delay the delivery of the sushi machine until your sushi shop is ready.

d) I want to buy your sushi machine, but I am currently using other brand of sushi machine, do you offer trade-in?
As a part of the marketing strategy to support customers to buy our Autec sushi machines, we may offer you a trade-in value of your used sushi machine, no matter what brand it is. Please contact us via our Enquiry Form and leave your request at the “Additional Message” box.

e) I decided to buy a sushi machine, but can not pay the amount in full, can you offer installment payment or give us a loan for our purchase?

Unfortunately we are unable to finance your purchase in any form, but we do cooperate with various leasing companies should you wish to purchase our sushi machines through leasing service. Please contact us via our enquiry form and leave your request at the “Additional Message” box.