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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Delivery Process

a) How long do I have to wait for my sushi machine to be delivered?
It depends if the model that you wish to purchase. As all of our sushi machines are manufactured and assembled in Japan upon receiving orders from customers, it may take about 4 to 6 weeks to produce and be ready for shipping.

b) What are involved in the delivery process?
Under normal circumstances, we offer to ship our sushi machines to customers by air freight from Japan or from Germany. We may offer, however, upon request from customers to ship by sea freight. After the sushi machine leaves Japan and enters the destination country, it is subjected to customs inspection. Our appointed forwarder will clear the customs and bill us or directly to customers, depending on the specific terms and conditions of the sales contract. All charges may include, but not limited to the followings: Forwarding Fee/Import Duty/VAT/Local Delivery Fee to our warehouse or to customer’s location.

c) What is involved in the local delivery situation?
If the sushi machine arrives at our warehouse and available for delivery locally, we normally use DHL or equivalent service to send the sushi machine to customers. The delivery timing is dependent of the destination of customers.

d) What do I need to prepare for receiving the sushi machine?
Our customer needs to look at the sushi machine weight and dimensions and prepare to receive the delivery. They may need a forklift if the weight is too heavy or have several physical help to lift the sushi machine down. They should also ensure that the receiving area is secured and safe. Some customers prefer to remove the sushi machine from their packing and place the sushi machine at the location where it will be used.

e) What is the delivery obligation of your appointed forwarder?
As a standard practice, the transport company’s terms for delivery is considered completed when they arrived at the curbside. They are not obligated to bring the sushi machine into the customer’s premise.