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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Enquiries

a) How I do make Enquiry on sushi machines?
The best and fastest way is to fill in and send us us online this Enquiry Form. Alternatively, you can call us to make your enquiries or plan a visit to our showroom for machine demonstration and consultation.

b) When I make an enquiry on-line, how long can I expect to get a reply?
We will make every attempt to reply within 24 hour,however, there may be occasions when we might not be able to do it, then, at latest, within 48 hours.

c) If I wanted a printed copy of the catalogue, how can I ask for it?
We offer you to download a copy of our product catalogue. However, if you wish, you can always request us to send to you our printed catalogue. Please indicate your request in the “Additional Message” box of the Enquiry Form. Please make sure you have provided the full address where you wish to receive the printed catalogue and/or other materials.

d) What currency and basis are prices based upon when I make an Enquiry?
Unless otherwise stated, we use Euro (€) whenever prices are mentioned and the prices are based on delivery to your curbside for delivery within Germany. For other delivery destinations than Germany, please contact us for further information regarding applicable shipping and delivery charges. Also, VATs are not included unless otherwise stated. Upon advanced request, we may offer in United States Dollar (US$) as the currency of quotation. Due to fluctuation of the Exchange Rate between local currencies and Japanese Yen (as our sushi machines are made in Japan), we may re-quote for any quotation beyond 30 days of original date of quotation. Please ask us for a final Official Quotation just before placing an order.

e) I found that there are other sites offer similar Autec sushi machines with delivery to Europe, are they the same company as yours?
No, unless those websites belong to Anera Enterprise GmbH, which is clearly stated in our Imprint. We are the only representative and distributor of Audio Technica Corporation in Europe. Others who claim they are able to supply Autec products in Europe are false statement. We are fully supported by Autec in terms of machine sales, warranty and services for Autec sushi machines in our territory, including comprehensive technical training for our service staff, installation, adjustment or software re-programming done by Autec Japanese Engineers at your place. Be careful with Autec machines and accessories purchased from any party in Europe other than us, as they may be the discontinued models, used Japanese-domestic-market machines without manufacturer’s warranty for oversea usage.